Competing with major fashion brands on those grounds can be difficult, but there is an easier option. Enter marketing wristbands. These nifty tools are a versatile and stylish option for any brand or cause to spread their message in a fun way that won’t break the bank. Learning how to make a custom wristband that fully captures your brand’s message is a must-have for any marketing department. 

With so many different types of wristbands available, you may be wondering how to leverage their power for your own wristband marketing needs. As the industry leader in custom printed wristbands, we’ve worked with major brands like Microsoft, Twitter, and Netflix over the last decade, so we are creating this guide to show you the ropes.

If this is the first you are hearing of wristband marketing, you may have questions, but that’s why we’re here. Let’s dive right in to explore how it all works.

What is Wristband Marketing?

You may be familiar with social media, guerilla, or email marketing, but what in the world is wristband marketing?

Marketing wristbands are potent tools that can help businesses of all sizes increase brand awareness and promote their products or services. Promotional wristbands are a cost-effective way to reach a large audience and make a lasting impression. 

Marketing wristbands are also incredibly versatile, with different use cases and aesthetic appeals, like the choice between debossed wristbands vs printed wristbands. These traits allow you to target specific audiences within or outside your niche.

Additionally, marketing wristbands help create hype and a sense of community around your brand. You can capture more of your target audience by designing a stylish wristband and distributing it among your customer base or important figures in your niche.

Wristbands are unique in marketing, as only lanyards fill a similar niche. Of course, with so many different types of lanyards out there, you often don’t have to choose between wristbands vs lanyards; you can use both as part of a coordinated promotional merchandise campaign!

Now that you know what promotional wristbands are, how can your business use them? Let’s find out.

Benefits of Leveraging Marketing Wristbands For Your Company

With versatility and adaptability, it might be easier to tell you what marketing wristbands can’t do. They can’t go on an office coffee run or replace your accounting team, but the benefits of promotional wristbands are nearly endless when it comes to the marketing department.

Promotional wristbands are one of the most versatile and cost-effective ways to spread awareness of your brand or cause. Unlike T-shirts or hats, wristbands are affordable and can be customized with a unique aesthetic that can synergize with nearly any wardrobe.

Through this versatility and the way wristbands keep your customer base excited about your brand, they are truly a no-brainer for your promotional team.

Increased Brand Visibility

The best custom wristbands stand out immediately, adding a unique flair to anyone’s outfit that catches the eye of potential new customers. It’s why customizing your promotional wristbands with a cohesive visual message for your brand, including logos, messages, or slogans, is so vital to the success of your campaign.

Nearly anyone, including customers, employees, event attendees, and family members, can wear wristbands. This allows wristbands to reach a large audience without leveraging your entire marketing budget in social media ads.

Cost-Effective Promotional Tool

If you are brainstorming your next great marketing project to no avail, there’s often a common roadblock you will run into. You have an excellent idea for a giveaway item that turns heads and increases customer or vendor loyalty… only to realize your dream campaign will occupy the next three years of your marketing budget.

With marketing wristbands, you’ll never run into that problem. Wristbands are cost-effective to produce in bulk, meaning you and your team will never hesitate to hand one out in large quantities at events or as part of a promotion.

Wristbands also have the potential to provide a massive return on investment. If one wristband reaches just one new customer each, you could potentially reach thousands of new buyers at a fraction of the cost of an email marketing campaign.

Enhancing Customer Engagement

Just as vital to the success of your marketing campaign is fostering a sense of camaraderie among your followers. Wristbands do a fantastic job growing your community since they can be fully customized.

You can create a wristband to honor a company-hosted event, craft one for a promotional campaign, or opt for exclusivity to recognize your most loyal customers. This versatility of wristbands can be instrumental if you are trying to establish or grow your brand’s name in a specific niche.

Wristbands can also make customer engagement easier for your marketing department. For example, you can give away wristbands as part of a social media marketing campaign or offer follow-up rewards for those showing off their stylish new wristband on the very same platforms.

Versatility and Practicality

If there’s one thing you take away from this guide, it’s that wristbands offer your marketing department a near-limitless amount of options. You can use wristbands as event tickets to build hype for a concert or sports game, as an add-on to a new product release, or as part of an employee appreciation event.

Wristbands are also one of the most accessible items for wearers to use. They rarely interfere with daily tasks and pair well with most outfits, provided you have made an aesthetically pleasing wristband.

You should now have a firm idea of wristbands' benefits, so how do you craft your own? We’ll go into everything you need to know up next.

How to Get Started With Marketing Wristbands to Grow Your Business

With a marketing tool this powerful, you might be thinking that creating your own campaign seems daunting. However, wristbands are simple to develop, especially when you use these tips and work with a reputable supplier.

Like any marketing campaign, it all begins with defining your target audience and using wristbands as part of a larger strategy.

Identifying Your Goals and Audience

We can’t blame you if you are already running off to brainstorm fabulous wristband ideas, but before you bring your new product to life, you’ll need to do a bit of planning. It’s vital that you consider the goals of your marketing department and the needs and preferences of your audience to create a seamless campaign.

Take a bit of time to consider what you are aiming to achieve. Are you looking to increase brand awareness, drive sales, or build customer loyalty? How you distribute your wristbands and what design options you use will vary based on these factors.

You’ll also need to weigh your audience. Who are you trying to reach with your custom wristbands? What are their interests, demographics, and behaviors? Are they the types to wear wristbands daily on their own, or do they need incentives?

When you take the time to consider these factors, you can craft a targeted wristband campaign that delivers results.

Come Up With a Vision For Your Custom Wristbands and Create Them

Strategy is an essential step, but even the best plan goes out the window if the design of your wristband doesn’t provide a memorable appeal. Consider your brand’s messaging, including logos and slogans, and pair those factors with an impactful mix of colors and materials.

You’ll want to opt for a clear and concise message that resonates with your audience and is easy to identify at a glance.  Be sure to work with a supplier that can accommodate various design choices, like multi-color wristbands or metal features, for the best chance of creating an eye-catching design.

Distribution Strategy: Getting Your Wristbands to the Right People

You now have a vision in mind and even a fun design in mind. All done, right?

Well, not quite. How you distribute your wristbands is just as critical to the success of your campaign as the previous two factors. You’ll need to identify where your current audience will assemble and where potential new customers are.

For example, wristbands can be distributed at industry events to increase brand awareness or paired with customer orders as a gift to appreciate customer loyalty. Also, consider partnering with social media influencers in your niche, especially those with large followings and high engagement rates.

In addition to influencers, other social media strategies include fun photos of your wristbands, contests like quizzes or raffles, incentives, and recognizing members of your audience who post pictures or stories with your wristbands.

Measuring Success: How to Evaluate Your Wristband Marketing Campaign

Analytics plays a crucial role in marketing. You need to track your campaign’s performance to make necessary tweaks. This all starts by having a clear goal, as discussed above, to provide a baseline for your metrics to track.

Whether you aim to build brand awareness, grow sales, or retain loyal customers, you can track all of these factors with the help of your marketing department. Don’t be afraid to make changes if your initial attempt at wristband marketing falls flat, as minor tweaks can have a massive impact on the success of your wristband endeavors.

You now have the tools to create a highly impactful marketing campaign using wristbands and a detailed understanding of how the process works. The only question we need to answer is helping you find out where to get custom lanyards and wristbands.

Bring Your Wristband Marketing Vision to Life with Our Custom Wristband Creation Service

Even with the best strategy, design idea, and distribution plans, one more factor can throw a wrench in your custom wristband plans. The most important thing to consider is where you purchase your wristbands from.

The great news is there is only one obvious answer. At, we have worked with worldwide brands like Nike, Dropbox, and Google to create personalized wristbands and lanyards over the last decade.

Why Work With Us?

Over the last decade, we have strived to deliver premium quality wristbands and lanyards to businesses, from major brands like Yelp and Netflix to small business owners worldwide. It’s why we rank in the Top 50 of Inc. 500 companies, along with over 6000 Google reviews.

We only use high-quality products, with silicone wristbands providing durability and aesthetically pleasing designs compared to inferior latex options. We carry a comprehensive inventory of several types of wristbands, along with multiple payment options.

Plus, our prices avoid taxes and customs fees, and we’ll always match the best available prices to ensure your marketing budget has enough room to execute your campaign after your order is complete.

How to Get Started

So, how do you begin creating custom wristbands with us? We’ve designed the process to be as simple as possible with an intuitive online tool. You’ll start by selecting the base of your wristband from our diverse inventory. 

We love custom debossed wristbands as an all-around option, while dual layer wristbands offer a double-sided message that can impact multiple audiences. If you are aiming for elegance, custom metal wristbands are one of our premium products that will definitely stand out in busy crowds.

We also offer custom Tyvek wristbands, custom vinyl wristbands, and custom plastic wristbands, which are cost-effective options, especially for events.

Once you have your base wristband, you will begin creating your unique design. This can include multi or single-color options, your brand’s message, or logos. You can also choose the width of your wristband and even opt for add-ons like individual packaging.

As you go through our design tool, the price will automatically update, allowing you to estimate your costs quickly. After submitting your order, we’ll create a digital proof within an hour, enabling you to visualize and confirm your final design before charging you.

From there, all that is left is for you to wait for your order to arrive! Of course, if you have any questions throughout the process, our compassionate customer support team is available 24/7 to help you, whether you want our advice on marketing uses for wristbands or have shipping questions.

Bringing Our Conversation on Wristband Marketing to a Close

With unlimited versatility and creating power, wristband marketing has the potential to revolutionize your promotional campaigns. These nifty accessories make a great pairing with nearly any marketing campaign, allowing them to reach new audiences with ease.

Successful marketing wristband campaigns all begin with a cohesive plan, including an aesthetically pleasing design and a distribution strategy. The most vital part is ensuring a quality supplier creates wristbands that can guarantee your audience appreciates your giveaway. is your #1 home for customized wristbands and personalized lanyards. With over 15 years in the industry, we’ve been trusted by over 10,000 businesses, including global brands like Meta, Nike, and Google. Our knowledgeable and compassionate team can help you find the perfect design for your business.

We also maintain an active blog to help you navigate the world of promotional giveaways, including lanyards. Some of our recent articles include a guide on how to make a custom lanyard, along with an exploration into what is a lanyard used for.

Otherwise, if you’re ready to create a successful and impactful campaign that delights old and new customers alike, you’re in the right place. Shop our inventory of marketing wristbands and get started on your custom design today!