With all this utility, it’s no surprise that customized wristbands continue to grow in popularity among businesses worldwide. So, what are wristbands for? Wristbands can do it all, from acting as tiny billboards for your brand to playing a critical part in identification and security for events or medical situations. Custom wristbands can accomplish many of the tasks you need in your business without disrupting customer or employee experience.

We know that the benefits of wristbands could seem obscure at first glance. As a business owner or manager, you may be thinking: what are wristbands for, given my specific industry?

We’ve created this guide to explore precisely that. As an Inc. 500 brand, we’ve been trusted by global brands like Dropbox, Nike, and Meta, allowing us to create personalized solutions no matter the industry.

Without further ado, what are wristbands used for? Let’s explore the best ways for businesses to use them.

What are Wristbands For? The Five Main Use Cases for Wristbands

So, what are wristbands for, and how can your business make the most of them? The best custom wristbands are built with a company's specific needs in mind, whether you are looking to promote your brand, raise funds, or boost event security.

With their limitless versatility, wristbands are one of the most excellent tools for your tool kit as a business owner. If you compare wristbands vs lanyards, many of the use cases for lanyards, especially branding potential, also apply to wristbands, providing a frame of reference that may inspire your business.

Let’s dive into five prominent use cases wristbands have for businesses.

Identification and Security: Managing Access and Keeping Your Facility Safe

As a business owner, the safety and security of your employees, buildings, and company resources is paramount to your success. Thankfully, wristbands can be an effective tool for managing access, helping keep your business safe.

So, what are wristbands used for when it comes to security?

One of the best ways is to use wristbands to identify who has authorization to access certain areas quickly. You can invest in color-coded wristbands for different levels of access, whether you are separating visitors and contractors from staff or employees from management.

Wristbands can also be encoded with barcodes, QR codes, or text to allow personnel to confirm information about the wearer. These extra security features also ensure a wristband cannot be easily duplicated or transferred.

Brand Promotion and Fundraising: Growing Your Business and Raising Awareness

Wristbands are a powerful marketing tool for your business, like designing and purchasing the perfect ad campaign or mastering your social media. Now, you might be thinking, what are wristbands good for when it comes to marketing?

With the perfect aesthetically pleasing design and a tailored message, custom wristbands can act as a walking billboard for your brand or cause. You can personalize wristbands with your company logo or an important message, pairing that design with unique features like debossing or metallic writing.

Once you have an eye-catching design, you can distribute wristbands as a giveaway product or sell them as merchandise. As long as you create something your customer base is willing to wear, your wristbands can be free marketing for your cause or brand.

Fundraising is also much simpler with the help of custom wristbands. Wristbands are inexpensive to produce relative to other products and can promote charity events or donation drives.

Healthcare: Enhancing Patient Management

When it comes to healthcare, what are wristbands good for?

In a busy hospital or healthcare setting, wristbands are a must-have. Wristbands can be customized with a patient's name, medical record number, and other important information, such as allergies or medical conditions. This accessible information ensures that healthcare providers can provide safe and effective care to their patients.

Wristbands can also be color-coded to indicate specific medical conditions or treatment plans. For example, you could designate a red wristband to show a patient has an allergy, while a blue wristband can denote a fall risk.

Outside of active treatment, wristbands also ensure a proper flow of patients. Wristbands can denote when a patient was admitted, discharged, or transferred in or out. Plus, wristbands fit the vast majority of patients and avoid the need for patient verification, which is especially important when sedation is involved.

Hospitality, Tourism, and Events: Enhancing Guest Experience

Whether acting as concert tickets or all-you-can-drink packages, wristbands can elevate guest experiences for businesses in the hospitality and event spaces. Wristbands can be customized to provide access to areas and streamline ticketing without disrupting the guest.

We recommend using color-coded wristbands with unique features for varying levels of access. These levels can include anything from specific wristbands for VIP guests to varying options for dietary preferences.

One of the best parts of wristbands in the hospitality space is their ability to act as fun souvenirs. If you nail down a perfect design for your wristbands and deliver a fantastic experience, guests will likely keep their wristbands thanks to their sentimental value. From there, guests will serve as a walking billboard for you, leading to further revenue down the road.

Fitness and Sports: Boosting Participation and Promoting Brands

Turn your television on and scroll to a live sports game, and you’ll likely find several wristbands on your screen, no matter the sport.

Just like at the professional level, wristbands have tons of versatility for fitness brands and sports settings. For teams and event hosts, wristbands can be customized with colors and designs that synergize with branding, creating a fun piece of merchandise that grows fan engagement.

Wristbands can also be used as a giveaway at these events, serving as a fun promotional tool, especially with a unique design. The benefits of wristbands aren’t just in the stands, however. Wristbands can be used as an identification tool for athletes, streamlining access for athletes and event judges alike.

Outside of competition, wristbands can be paired with local gyms or fitness classes to ensure everyone has proper access without disrupting athletic ability.

Look no further than the fact that one of the most significant worldwide brands in sports, Nike, has utilized the power of wristbands across several sports and fitness-related endeavors. Speaking of, you are probably wondering where to get custom wristbands for your own business.

Ahead, we’ll be exploring the #1 brand in the wristband industry that has been trusted by Microsoft, Twitter, and of course, Nike.

Knowing All the Uses for Wristbands, Let Us Help You Leverage Their Power For Your Business or Organization Today!

It’s evident that custom wristbands are a potent tool for your business, but learning how to make a custom wristband can seem daunting. You’ll need to consider all of the different types of wristbands, which may become confusing rather quickly. 

Whether you are debating between debossed wristbands vs printed wristbands or struggling to place your logo, it helps to work with a trusted brand. Thankfully, you are in the right place here at CustomLanyard.net.

Why Work With CustomLanyard.net?

Over the last decade, we’ve helped worldwide leaders across several industries create impactful custom wristbands and lanyards, including Microsoft, Yelp, and Netflix. Our rock-solid track record of delivering high-quality wristbands with speedy shipping and compassionate customer support is why we’ve been ranked as an Inc. 500 brand.

Through our years of expertise, we have mastered the production process for custom wristbands, using 100% silicone products, avoiding the flaws of latex-based wristbands typical to the market. We also only use organic and skin-friendly dyes rather than harsh chemicals that can put wearers at risk.

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How to Get Started

Crafting a unique customized product using our design tool at CustomLanyard.net is fun and straightforward. To begin the process, you’ll want to choose among the different types of lanyards and wristbands available to serve as a base for your design. Here are the most popular:

Once you have your design, you’ll choose a color and add a logo or message. From there, you can make additional tweaks, like the diameter of your wristbands, or other features like individual packaging and premium options.

Our intuitive design tool will automatically adjust prices to ensure you have a transparent view of the process. Once you finalize everything, we will work on a digital proof for your approval within an hour.

After approving your digital proof, all that is left is to wait for our speedy shipping process to deliver your wristbands!

Final Thoughts on What Wristbands Are Used For

Let’s recap our guide. What are wristbands used for, and how can your business make the most of them?

Wristbands are one of the most versatile tools in a business’s arsenal, with applications in security, branding, healthcare, and hospitality. Wristbands come in several different styles and can be completely personalized to match your brand identity of cause.

The #1 home for wristbands online is here at CustomLanyard.net. With over a decade in the industry working with global brands like Microsoft, Nike, and Netflix, our commitment to premium quality and affordable prices makes us the most trusted brand in the industry.

If you find that personalized lanyards are a better fit for your business, our blog contains several articles on making the most of them. Our latest articles include how to make a custom lanyard, where to get custom lanyards, and what is a lanyard used for.

Otherwise, whether you are looking for a custom wristband for security or hospitality or you’re on the hunt for personalized lanyards, we have everything you need right here at CustomLanyard.Net. Join thousands of satisfied business owners in creating a customized product by hopping onto our custom design tool today!