With both items, choosing a customized product is key. This offers numerous boons for businesses, including increased branding potential, lucrative sponsorship opportunities, and even security applications. Either wristbands or lanyards can be customized with logos and messages along with a variety of colors and materials.

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The debate of wristbands vs lanyards is similar to the debate between vanilla and chocolate ice cream; you can’t go wrong either way! 

However, there are nuances that can help sway things in favor of one of the other. In this guide, we will be diving deep into the many benefits these two items provide, along with helping you learn how to make custom lanyards and wristbands for yourself!

Wristbands and Lanyards Achieve Common Goals for Companies & Events

It’s important to note that wristbands and lanyards can accomplish many of the same goals for your company. Maybe that is growing your brand through promotional swag tactics. Or, perhaps you need a means of enhancing security or identification measures at your event or in the workplace. Below, we’ll discuss some of the most common use cases for either wristbands or lanyards.


Branding & Promotional Tactics

Customized wristbands and lanyards are a great way to promote a brand or message. They can be designed with logos, unique materials, and messages, which can appeal to others when worn by employees or given away at events. This amplifies organic brand exposure and can help increase brand recognition. 

Custom lanyards and wristbands also excel when used to promote a cause or message, including charity campaigns. If you recall Lance Armstong’s ‘Livestrong’ campaign in the early 2000s, that worldwide phenomenon all started with a customized wristband! There are so many different types of wristbands and lanyards available to help spread awareness of the message your business is trying to send, so get creative!

Security & Identification Measures

When considering the wristband vs lanyard debate, both items do a wonderful job when it comes to all things security. Managing attendance and security for massive events can be a hassle, especially for businesses that are not specialized in security measures. 

Customized wristbands and lanyards can be distributed for major events, like conferences and concerts. This ensures attendees have a seamless experience without needing to show their tickets multiple times throughout an event, while ensuring businesses and event hosts do not lose business or allow access to unwanted guests.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Wristbands and lanyards offer an excellent opportunity for companies to sponsor events. By customizing these items with a company's logo or message, sponsors can increase their brand awareness and visibility. 

For example, a music festival could offer sponsorships for custom wristbands that attendees wear throughout the event. The sponsor's logo is then visible to all attendees, granting them exposure to a large audience.

Similarly, companies can sponsor custom lanyards for conferences or trade shows. Attendees wear these lanyards to display their name tags, and the sponsor's logo is prominently displayed, creating new brand awareness opportunities every time two attendees speak with one another!

Wristband vs Lanyard: Which Product is Right for Your Business or Event?

Now - we’re going to help you choose between lanyards vs wristbands for your business or event. While you really can’t go wrong either way, chances are, one of these is a more ideal choice. Here are some considerations to make when trying to determine which that is…

Consider the Purpose of Your Purchase

Whether you are in charge of security for a large organization like a hospital or school, or you find yourself responsible for ensuring a music festival is maximizing branding opportunities, figuring out the ‘why’ is critical. The choice between lanyard and wristband will be significantly influenced by your reasons for seeking out customized merchandise in the first place.

As a general rule, wristbands tend to shine brighter for high-activity events, allowing guests and attendees to seamlessly enjoy themselves without the bulkier lanyard option. Lanyards are a more consistent option for organizations that need to bolster security through employee ID badges. Another lanyard-favored event tends to be conferences where a custom lanyard with a badge holder boosts networking opportunities for attendees and event hosts alike.

How Long Will the Event/Usage Period Last?

Determining how long your customized products will be used by employees or attendees can help guide your decision. Wristbands are amazing for events such as concerts and music festivals, as their durability is secondary to a smooth customer experience. Conversely, lanyards may feel cumbersome for one-time use compared to the ease of wristbands.

Lanyards shine over longer periods of time, however. Custom lanyards are durable and can withstand daily wear and tear. They are made from high-quality materials that are designed to last, such as nylon or polyester, especially when you purchase them from a top merchant like CustomLanyard.net.

Factor in Wearer Preferences

Wearer preferences will play a key part in figuring out which option between wristbands or lanyards will work best for your business. 

Wristbands are simple and hassle-free for attendees of events, making them a big favorite. Remember, wristbands can be customized with logos and sponsors, so designing a wristband your customers will feel comfortable wearing long after an event is over is key!

Lanyards are convenient in their own way. They can convert cumbersome employee ID badges or business cards into a simple badge holder. This serves as a conversation starter at big conferences and events, or as a simple way for employees to integrate security practices into their daily routine.

Are There Any Security Requirements for Your Business/Event?

Safe businesses are successful businesses, so figuring out your security needs is key. 

Custom wristbands can be designed with security features like barcodes to prevent unauthorized access to events and festivals. Additionally, different variations of wristbands can indicate different levels of authorization at events, such as premium or VIP areas.

Lanyards are a better option for organizations seeking to strengthen their security. Employee ID badges are an important practice that can stop unauthorized individuals from accessing restricted areas. Lanyards don’t just shine for workplace security, however. Event hosts can also require attendees to wear a visible ID badge on a lanyard, enabling them to quickly identify authorized personnel and prevent unauthorized access.

What is Your Budget?

Both wristbands and lanyards are cost-effective ways to beef up brand awareness and increase security. Wristbands tend to run cheaper than lanyards, but at the cost of having less long-term applications. Ultimately, both items can easily pay for themselves when customized in bulk, thanks to their wonderful sponsorship opportunities and organic brand growth.

Determine How Customized You Want Your Products

Lanyards and wristbands alike can be customized to your desires. Each item is customized in a slightly different way, however.

Wristbands have less surface area to work with, so it is important to choose a logo or message that stands out. Wristbands also have less add-ons than lanyards, making the customization process much simpler.

Lanyards have more options when it comes to personalization, including reels, badges, and a wide variety of materials. This can be both a blessing and a curse, as there is more tweaking required to achieve the perfect results!

Reusability & Sustainability Matter, Too

Both lanyards and wristbands can be made from sustainable materials, so you can rest assured that your customized items won’t harm the environment! 

Wristbands tend to be used over shorter periods of time, but a customized wristband can easily stay a part of a customer’s life long after an event.

Lanyards tend to have a longer shelf life thanks to their high durability, and they can be reused for new employees or even for personal use!

So, Which Should I Go With: Custom Wristband vs Lanyard?

Wristbands vs lanyards will remain a tough choice, like choosing which friend to give your extra concert ticket to. Wristbands are better for events and shorter use cases, like music festivals and concerts, while Lanyards shine for organizations and conferences where ID badges are required.

Both items are amazing branding opportunities and help fortify the security of your events and your workplace, so use the factors in this article to help break any ties!

Whether You Need a Custom Wristband or Lanyard, We’re Here to Help Make it Happen!

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The Different Types of Custom Wristbands We Offer

The Different Types of Custom Lanyards We Offer

How to Get Started Bringing your Custom Lanyard or Wristband Order to Life Today

Once you have made your choice from the many varieties of wristbands and lanyards, the fun part begins! You can start the customization process with our simple online website, allowing you to bring your dream design to life.

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Closing Thoughts on Custom Wristbands vs Lanyards

It is clear that custom wristbands and custom lanyards are the juggernauts of the event world. Still, the choice of wristband or lanyard is not always an impossible choice. Both lanyards and wristbands do a wonderful job of helping companies promote their brands and manage security. By learning how to make custom wristbands and lanyards, companies can revolutionize multiple sectors of their business.

Each item has a few circumstances where it outshines the other, so it is important to research the details before making a decision. Of course, both items are amazing at providing unlimited organic brand awareness and fortifying your security, so you can’t go too wrong with either option.

When you are ready to make a decision, CustomLanyard.net will make your design a reality! We are the experts of crafting customized wristbands and lanyards, allowing you to beef up security and boost your branding! Reach out to us today or use our online customizers to get started!