Photo ID badges are an excellent investment for any business, especially when paired with custom lanyards. But, why use photo ID employee badges in a manufacturing facility, medical office, or any other business?

Implementing photo ID badges for employees provides several benefits, from security to professionalism, accountability, and easy identification. Photo ID badges allow you to quickly identify employees and provide access to restricted areas and materials, converting your workplace into a safer, more productive area.

Here at, we have been helping organizations create customized products that help grow efficiency and foster a safe environment for employees and customers alike. Lanyards and ID badges are the perfect pairings, as you can offer customized lanyards with specific ID holders that increase the efficiency of your security systems for employees.

In our guide below, we will be exploring all of the benefits of implementing photo ID badges into your business, along with exploring how custom lanyards serve as the perfect companion. Read onwards if you are ready to revolutionize your workplace security and efficiency!

What Exactly are Photo ID Employee Badges?

Employee photo ID badges are identification cards that typically include a photo of the cardholder, along with their name, job title, and other relevant information depending on the business. A wide variety of organizations use ID badges, from schools and hospitals to offices and manufacturing facilities.

Photo ID badges can be created to fit the needs of your business. Barcodes and magnetic stripes can be added for accessibility, and badges can also incorporate an organization’s logo and color scheme. 

While lanyards are not required to implement photo IDs, it is highly recommended to pair IDs with lanyards to ensure employees can easily adopt a new routine. Lanyards and photo ID badges have tons of branding potential as well, especially if you opt for flashy colors and materials common to custom dye sublimation lanyards and custom nylon lanyards.

Why Use Photo ID Employee Badges in a Manufacturing Facility or Any Other Company Headquarters?

The benefits are nearly endless for photo ID badges, but there are a few key areas where they shine. Photo ID badges help companies and organizations increase their security, grow their level of professionalism, and maintain high levels of efficiency.

Below, we will explore many of the reasons why using photo ID employee badges can help transform your workplace.

Security Measures

Why use photo ID employee badges? Security is among the most important answers.

Photo ID badges allow for quick and easy identification of employees, making it easier to confirm that the person entering the building or accessing certain areas is authorized to do so. This allows your staff to prevent unauthorized individuals from entering the workplace, granting a more secure environment for your employees and customers.

Emergency Situations 

Creating a comprehensive emergency management plan for your business is a crucial task that will help keep your workplace safe even when unexpected events occur.

First responders will have an easier time quickly identifying employees and other individuals in need of assistance through photo ID badges. This is especially true in the event of employees requiring additional medical assistance due to preexisting conditions, as this information can easily be printed on an ID badge.

Additionally, ID badges can be used to track an employee’s location, allowing your business to keep track of employees amidst the chaos of an emergency.


Photo ID badges are not just useful in high-security situations. Badges can also serve as a way to maintain a professional, uniform image. This allows your company to promote itself with a unique lanyard and ID badge that stands out, and these very same badges can also serve as name tags to bolster the customer service experience.

Efficient Visitor Management

Keeping count of everyone in your workplace can be a hassle without ID badges, and doubly so when you involve visitors. Visitors can be tracked with the help of visitor badges, allowing your organization to keep an updated count of who has access to your facilities without harshly affecting the visitor experience.

Employee Interaction

Photo ID badges serve as a quick way to identify employees, boosting positive social interactions within your company. Employee badges can be adorned with details like an employee’s name, department, and so on. Photo ID badges allow employees to roam the workplace with confidence knowing everyone in a given area has the authorization to be there.

Time and Attendance Tracking

Keeping track of employee attendance has evolved from the days of punching a clock. Photo ID badges can include magnetic strips that allow employees to provide a precise clock-in and clock-out time for payroll purposes. Photo ID badges can also be used to track equipment or tools assigned to employees, which can help prevent loss or theft.

Here’s How to Use Photo ID Employee Badges in Your Company to Reap These Benefits…

Now that you have a good grasp on the benefits of using photo ID badges for your employees, how can you adopt them for your own business?

It is important to remember that lanyards are a photo ID’s best friend. At, we offer many different types of lanyards that pair wonderfully with employee badges. Custom woven lanyards and custom tubular lanyards can help your brand stand out while making your employee’s daily routine easier.

Assess Your Needs

Every organization has different needs when it comes to photo ID badges. Do you simply want to increase payroll efficiency for employees, or do you need employee badges with all the bells and whistles that can provide access and authorization for high-security areas?

Select a Badge System

Photo ID badges come with many use cases, so finding a badge system that will fit your needs is key. Badge systems work to ensure every employee badge has the exact specifications your organization needs. You may need to decide if you will require a double-sided badge, along with choosing additional security features like a magnetic stripe or bar code.

Design the Badge Layout

The best badge layouts retain an element of simplicity. The vast majority of employee badge use cases involve quickly identifying an employee, along with their authorization to be in a particular area.

However, you can still be creative when designing a layout! Your brand’s logo is the perfect way to add some flair to an ID badge while also serving as an identification tool.

Set up an ID Badge Policy

Change is not always easy for an organization to implement, so you will want to introduce an ID badge policy gently. Pairing a new ID badge policy with custom lanyards can help ease the transition for most employees, allowing them to solidify the new habit with ease.

Collect Employee Information

Employees will need to provide the necessary information to fill out their new ID cards, including a photograph. If you require additional security clearances, implementing a new badge system would be the perfect time to review that information.

Bring the Lanyards & Badges to Life

Photo ID badges are best when paired with lanyards to make an employee’s life easy. If you are wondering where to get custom lanyards made online, we here at are here to help! We offer top-quality personalized lanyards along with the best custom wristbands available. We have created custom ID card lanyards for thousands of companies over the last decade for their business needs, so you can rest easy knowing your badges will be in good hands with our products!

Distribute the Badges

Distributing your badges is the perfect time to pair your new policy with a sleek set of custom lanyards. Be sure to check out our inventory at, as we are the experts in knowing how to make custom lanyards. With a flashy new lanyard next to your new ID badges, employees will be excited to adopt your new policy!

Implement Access Control

If your organization is planning to use ID badges as part of an authorization system, be sure to implement the proper access levels as part of the badge creation process. This one-time review of the protocol will ensure only employees with the proper authorization have access to restricted areas and materials.

Train Staff & Security Personnel

The task of maintaining security is crucial for all of your staff, especially your security team. Take the time to introduce your employees to the new access system, along with any quirks of the payroll time clock. This will increase the odds that unauthorized individuals are quickly identified and removed from the premises, as you can rest confident that your staff knows the intricacies of the protocol.

Monitor and Maintain the System

Security systems are in a constant arms race with bad actors who seek to exploit flaws. Routine maintenance of your new badge system will ensure that your workplace retains the increased level of safety you seek. Consider testing the efficacy of the system through blind tests, and be sure to maintain a protocol of checking ID badges at every possible opportunity.

Wrapping Up Our Conversation on Why You Should Use Photo ID Employee Badges in Your Company

We now know why using photo ID employee badges is beneficial for any organization, so let’s quickly review the benefits.

Photo ID badges help organizations maintain a safe and secure environment, as individuals must carry ID badges to access certain areas. Photo ID badges also serve as tools during emergencies, allowing first responders to properly respond to employees with the help they may need.

ID badges are not just about security, however. Badges can be used as payroll time management solutions, providing precise clock-in and clock-out times and serving as a digital history of attendance. Employee badges also foster an environment of professionalism, by providing customers and fellow employees with a quick description of the people they are working with. 

Additionally, ID badges can serve as a neat branding tool, especially when paired with a flashy custom lanyard. Custom polyester lanyards, like the ones we offer here at, are a unique way to promote your company’s brand to the outside world while offering employees an easy way to carry their identification.

If you are ready to step up the security, efficiency, and professionalism of your company, take a look at our offerings here at We offer hundreds of personalization options for custom lanyards and ID badge holders, and we are here to help you find a solution that will beef up security for your workplace while fostering a strong sense of your brand.