Several different types of lanyards and accessories are available, from ID badges and USB drives to lanyards exclusively made to promote a cause or act as fashionable accessories.

So, how do you figure out what to put on a lanyard besides keys? We know the possibilities are nearly endless, so we decided to create a guide on making the most of your lanyards. 

From letting you know what to put on the bottom of a lanyard to how to make a custom lanyard that can adapt to all of these uses, our guide’s got you covered. Let’s begin our discussion by looking at some of our favorite attachments to use with lanyards.

What to Put on a Lanyard Besides Keys: Practical Attachments

Keys are just one of many options you can opt for when looking for ways to use lanyards. Lanyards are highly convenient, providing near-instant access to everyday items simply by wearing them around your neck.

More choices are available than you might think at first, from professional odds and ends like USB Drives, ID Badges, and camera attachments to objects like fitness trackers, whistles, and even your cell phone!

There’s a lot to explore, so we’ll kick off our guide on what to put on a lanyard besides keys with ID badges.

ID Badges

We’ve all experienced this dreaded moment; It’s a big day at work or school, and you’re rushing out of the house to make it on time - only to realize we forgot our ID at home.

Lanyards help mitigate the risk of forgetting vital ID cards, whether you work in an office, a hospital, or a school setting. You can also save time rummaging through your wallet or purse to find your ID, as lanyards help you scan and enter within seconds.

If you’ve ever wondered - why use photo ID employee badges in the first place? We created a guide on all the benefits to help business owners and security teams make the switch.

Phone Attachments

Smartphones have become so ingrained in our daily routines that they often spend more time in our hands than in our pockets. Lanyards can help keep those crucial emails, texts, and calls accessible at a moment’s notice, all while lowering the risk of your phone dropping on the ground while taking it from your pockets.

There are a few different ways to hold your phone on a lanyard, so you should choose the best option for your needs. Phone tethers will attach to the back of your phone, allowing you to use it without worrying about it being damaged.

You can also find phone cases with a lanyard attachment built in, allowing you to hook your phone case onto any lanyards you have directly. Phone attachments are also excellent for outdoor activities like fishing, kayaking, and hiking, where keeping your phone easily accessible is vital.

Portable Sanitizer Bottles

In the course of your daily routines, you might find yourself touching door knobs, shaking hands, and hitting elevator buttons more often than you expect. Having reliable access to hand sanitizer is crucial, but you may often have to search for a nearby bottle.

Thankfully, lanyards can save you the hassle of searching, allowing you to carry a small sanitizer bottle around your neck! This will help keep your hands germ-free and enables you to save time during a busy work day.

USB Drives

Quick access to essential files is important, but remembering to bring your thumb drives along adds another layer of complexity to your morning routine. Many USB drives can fit on the end of lanyards, allowing you to carry your important documents wherever you go easily.

Due to their small size, USB drives are also a common culprit for falling out of your pocket or getting misplaced around the house. You can easily keep track of your small devices by placing them on a lanyard instead of needing to account for them individually.

Whistles and Safety Devices

Staying prepared in the event of an emergency is critical, as every second can matter in resolving incidents. Lanyards can help provide instant access to vital safety tools.

Whistles can quickly be blown when hanging around your neck, allowing you to signal for help, though whistles can also be used for athletics coaches and school teachers.

You can also equip small flashlights to the end of your lanyards, allowing you to illuminate low-light areas easily. Certain canisters of pepper spray and mace can also attach to lanyards and deter attackers, including wild animals while hiking.

Fitness Trackers

Exercising with the help of fitness trackers can be a wonderful way to track your progress, but figuring out the best way to attach your fitness tracker may be difficult.

Lanyards can work excellently with fitness trackers, seamlessly clipping onto your lanyard and freeing up your wrist or pockets. These attachments help ease your mind while exercising, keeping your fitness devices safe and allowing you instant access to help you track your goals.

Camera Attachments

Photography is another field that benefits from freeing up your hands, and lanyards are up to the challenge of keeping your camera gear safe and easily accessible.

Whether you prefer wrist straps or neck straps for your camera, you can attach either option to a lanyard to provide extra support to keep your camera secure. These attachments are great for every type of photographer, from the passionate amateur on vacation to the seasoned professional vet looking to lighten the load during major events.

The possibilities are nearly endless, and these are just some of our favorites. We’ll switch gears to show you how to design lanyards to add creative flair to your everyday items.

What to Put on a Lanyard in Terms of Designs

Since you now have some ideas about what to put on the bottom of a lanyard, let’s talk about one of the other fantastic benefits of lanyards.

Lanyards can be personalized however you desire! Whether you are a business owner looking to increase brand recognition with a unique design or you want to spread awareness of a noble cause, customizing lanyards can introduce an extra layer of creativity into daily routines.

The options are countless, but let’s start with how lanyards can help companies grow their brands.

Company Branding

Walk down a busy street, and you may see hundreds of instantly familiar logos, yet many of those logos aren’t located on a billboard. Many people promote brands through clothing, accessories, and everyday items like water bottles.

The great news is, lanyards can also serve as company branding tools! Thanks to the inherent utility of lanyards being able to easily carry everyday items, branded lanyards can serve as a walking billboard.

Whether you are distributing company lanyards to employees that contain employee ID badges or you are offering free lanyards to celebrate an upcoming event, the promotional potential of lanyards is immense, especially when your brand logo is paired with an eye-catching design that can spark an instant conversation.


Personalization is not exclusive to company branding. You can personalize lanyards with written messages for any occasion, allowing you to promote a cause, pay homage to a favorite tv show or video game, or simply incorporate a funky design.

A uniquely designed lanyard can act as a fashion accessory, synergizing with the rest of your outfit and providing another layer of flair.

Artistic Designs

Lanyards aren’t just practical and full of utility; they can be stylish too!

The design options are plentiful, from eye-catching materials like nylon that carry an air of luxury to creative choices like tie-dye and fun shapes or symbols. Lanyards can become a vital part of your daily routine, so choosing a design that stands out can add some extra style points.

Themed Lanyards

Another fun personalization for lanyards comes by the way of themed options. Lanyards can be distributed for major events like concerts and conferences, and it is simple to personalize them to match the color scheme and theme.

Themed lanyards allow event attendees or employees to carry a small reminder of fun times throughout their day-to-day life.

Seasonal and Holiday Designs

Lanyards can also be personalized with seasonal events in mind, and you can easily blend use cases to create an amazing lanyard that ticks multiple boxes. Is your company hosting a holiday party? A seasonal lanyard with holiday designs and a tweaked company logo could be an amazing way to build brand recognition while giving employees, customers, and significant vendors a thoughtful gift.

Cause or Awareness Ribbons

Since lanyards can be simultaneously personalized with text and logos, they are a fabulous choice to help spread the word about essential causes and community programs. Charities and corporate outreach programs often debate wristbands vs lanyards when searching for the perfect way to build awareness; either option will do the trick!

Whether you offer personalized lanyards as a thank-you gift as part of a charity drive or you are distributing lanyards to shine a light on an important issue, lanyards are versatile enough to increase donations and attract new volunteers.

Now That You Know What to Put on the Bottom of a Lanyard, Bring it to Life at!

After going through our guide, it’s clear lanyards are extremely flexible and work for several use cases. Whether you are searching for a reliable way to secure important objects as part of your daily routines or you’re looking to promote a cause with a unique design, customized lanyards are here to help.

Now that we’ve helped spark some lanyard ideas, you may be wondering where to get custom lanyards that you can personalize to help streamline your daily routines. Thankfully, you won’t have to search too far, as we have everything you need here at!

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The Different Styles We Have to Offer

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How it Works

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Final Thoughts on What to Put on a Lanyard

With our guide exploring what to put on a lanyard wrapping up, remember that lanyards are extremely versatile and can free up your hands and pockets by carrying everyday items for you.

Investing in personalized lanyards that can be customized to fit a daily routine can be a huge asset for business owners, whether you are distributing them to employees or offering them as free add-ons to promote a charitable cause or an upcoming event. is the best place to choose for custom wristbands and lanyards, thanks to our experience of over a decade. You can rest assured the lanyards or wristbands you purchase will be top-quality at the lowest possible prices, and that reputation is why major brands like Google, Dropbox, and Twitter have trusted us.

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