We know that figuring out how to use a lanyard in all these ways may require some brainstorming. That’s why we are utilizing our decade of experience with creating customized lanyards for brands to craft this guide on how to use a lanyard for keys, ID badges, and more.

In this article, we will explore several creative ways to use a lanyard, but we should first establish why businesses worldwide love using them. So, what is a lanyard used for, and how can your company make the most of them?

What is a Lanyard and Why is it Useful in Business?

As a baseline, lanyards are ribbons, cords, or straps made of various materials like nylon or polyester, usually worn around the neck and featuring a hook or clip at the end. Several different types of lanyards exist, and you can customize them for the specific needs of your business.

Businesses love coming up with new creative ways to use a lanyard, thanks to the security and branding applications they provide.

Efficiency and organization: Ease of access to essential items

Keychains, wallets, ID badges, USB drives… With so many items to carry, it may seem like you and your employees need a few extra pockets just to make it into the office. Lanyards offer an excellent solution, as many of these items can be attached.

Attaching items such as ID cards, keys, or tools to a lanyard keeps them within easy reach at all times. Lanyards also help to reduce the time and effort required to locate these items, which improves efficiency and productivity.

Lanyards are also adaptable no matter what industry you are in. Some of our favorite creative ways to use a lanyard include photographers keeping their cameras secure and construction companies pairing essential tools with durable tool tethers to provide quick access during a job.

Security: Keeping IDs, access cards, or keys secure and visible

Security is paramount for any business. You may be wondering how to use a lanyard for keys, ID badges, or access cards in a way that is compliant with security best practices.

Lanyards allow employees to prominently display their identification, allowing coworkers to quickly identify if someone has access to an area. This is especially crucial in settings like schools, event venues, and hospitals which have a high volume of visitors.

Keeping ID badges or keys attached to a lanyard also ensures employees will not misplace these vital items or leave them at home, helping your business remain secure while avoiding any unnecessary delays.

If your business currently does not use ID badges and you want to help your security or IT team make the switch, we created a full guide on the topic that you can pass along: Why use photo ID employee badges.

Brand visibility: A simple way to boost brand recognition

Walk down a busy street, and you will often find most people act as walking billboards in one manner or another. Whether it’s a stylish pair of shoes or a useful bit of drinkware, branded products help build brand recognition, and lanyards are no different.

Learning how to make a custom lanyard is easy, as you can customize them with your brand’s logo or message in a way that matches the personality of your business. You can then distribute these lanyards to employees, customers, vendors, or event attendees, boosting visibility and building goodwill.

Thanks to the versatility of lanyards, it is likely that they will be easily integrated into the daily routines of the people you distribute them to, allowing your business to reap the benefits of brand visibility.

Efficiency, security, and branding are the three prominent benefits of lanyards. Your business can use the unlimited potential of lanyards in a variety of different ways, so let’s switch gears and discuss that in detail.

How to Use a Lanyard Effectively in Different Commercial Settings

Business owners, event coordinators, and security departments rave about the benefits of customized lanyards, thanks in large part due to the many use cases they have. Learning how to use a lanyard for keys, ID badges, access cards, and more will help your business make the most of the possibilities.

A few of the many settings where lanyards thrive include conferences, events, and workplaces with limited-access areas. Lanyards are also an excellent promotional tool that can be used as a giveaway for loyal customers, clients, and vendors, keeping the people who matter most to the success of your business satisfied.

For Events and Conferences

Events and conferences feature large gatherings of people, posing a tricky security challenge. Thankfully, lanyards are entirely prepared for the challenge and even serve as a facilitator for networking.

By attaching ID badges or passes to customized lanyards, attendees can easily keep them visible at all times. This can make it easier for staff to verify attendee credentials and also allows for additional access levels, such as a VIP section.

In addition, lanyards can be used to facilitate networking and introductions at events and conferences. Customizing lanyards with attendees' names or company information makes it easier for attendees to identify and connect with others with similar interests or goals.

In the Workplace

Workplace security and efficiency can be bolstered with the help of customized lanyards. Lanyards are a versatile fit for several industries, including healthcare, construction, office settings, hospitality settings, and more.

Lanyards can be paired with access cards and ID badges to ensure limited-access areas are secure. Customized lanyards can be designed to be nearly impossible to counterfeit and also expedites security check-in procedures by being easily accessible.

In addition, lanyards can enhance efficiency by holding keys, tools, or devices that employees need to complete their tasks. Lanyards can be fitted with additional attachments to provide quick access to valuable tools like USB drives, cameras, or even some construction tools.

Customizing lanyards to fit the needs of your business can help you improve efficiency and security, which also helps keep your employees satisfied and productive.

For Promotions and Marketing

Brand awareness is vital to the marketing efforts of any business. Customized lanyards can be paired with unique, eye-catching designs or messages to keep your brand fresh in the minds of anyone who see them.

This allows personalized lanyards to act as walking billboards for your brands. This is doubly important since your lanyards will be distributed to loyal employees, vendors, or clients, ensuring any conversation sparked about your brand is a positive one.

Lanyards are also valuable as part of a promotional giveaway, acting as a recognition of customer loyalty. It is common to find customized lanyards for one-time giveaways that become an integral part of one’s daily routines, serving as a marketing tool for years to come.

Between conferences, daily business operations, and giveaways, there are so many ways to make a customized lanyard work for your business.  Now that you know how to use a lanyard for keys, giveaways, and security, the only thing left to do is to show you where to get started on your own design!

Now That You Know How to Use a Lanyard, Bring Your Vision to Life at CustomLanyard.net!

Now that you know why lanyards are a fan favorite of businesses everywhere, it’s time we discuss where to get custom lanyards and what to put on a lanyard to make the most of these amazing benefits.

Thankfully, there is a simple answer in the form of a one-stop shop for all things related to customized lanyards. Let’s dive into all the reasons why CustomLanyard.net is the best choice for your business.

Why Shop With Us?

With over a decade in the business, we have learned a thing or two about the art of delivering premium quality customized lanyards, wristbands, and other promotional items. It’s why we’ve been honored to have been trusted by worldwide brands like Microsoft, Google, Nike, and Yelp.

We love building lasting relationships with our customers, from the beginning of the design stage, where we get to learn about the unique story of your business, all the way through seeing the fantastic final results come to life.

Our lasting relationships with our customers are a big part of why we offer 24/7 customer support. Whether you need advice on the best material to make your logo pop or help with shipping, we are here to help. 

Choosing the Right Materials & Designs

The material you choose for your customized lanyard will play a significant role in the outcome you receive. Our online design tool offers plenty of functionality and the ability to make tweaks, and we always provide you with a design proof before starting production.

Below is a list of some of our favorite designs, but if you still have questions, feel free to reach out to our customer support team, and we will offer you a personalized recommendation that is perfect for your business.

  • Custom lanyards with ID cards are an excellent choice for workplace security teams and conferences alike. These lanyards are paired with badge holders to help ensure your limited access areas are safe without disrupting efficiency.

  • Custom woven lanyards offer a durable lanyard featuring a woven-in design that will stand the test of time. 

  • Custom nylon lanyards feature a luxury-class material that emphasizes durability and design potential. It’s an excellent choice for corporate giveaways, conferences, and events, especially for VIP clients.

  • If you are looking for a lightweight option, our custom tubular lanyards are the way to go. With a seamless tubular woven design, they are comfortable to wear and make an excellent pairing for keys, ID badges, and USB drives.

  • Lanyards can be a fashion statement in their own right, and our custom dye sublimation lanyards are fit for the challenge. These full-color designs are extraordinarily customizable and act as the perfect material for eye-catching lanyards.

  • Finally, our custom polyester lanyards offer significant versatility at an affordable price. We only use top-class polyester, making these lanyards the perfect choice for events and conferences.

Final Thoughts on How to Use a Lanyard as a Business Owner

Let’s recap our discussion on personalized lanyards. Learning how to use a lanyard for businesses is simple, as these versatile tools can be adapted for security, marketing, efficiency, or events depending on the needs of your business.

No matter your industry, from construction and photography to hospitals and event venues, customized lanyards are a perfect fit for the goals of your business.

CustomLanyard.net is your one-stop shop for custom lanyards. We’ve been trusted by global brands like Dropbox, Facebook, and Netflix as the very best option in the world of customized products for businesses.

We also craft custom wristbands for events, conferences, and giveaways. If the idea of wristbands intrigues you, but you aren’t sure if you should abandon the idea of lanyards, check out our article comparing wristbands vs lanyards.

Otherwise, if you are ready to get creative in your business, our dedicated customer support team is standing by at any time to help you craft your dream design. Reach out to us today or get started on your order using our online design tool!