Whether you're an employee navigating the corridors of a multinational company, a guest at a conference, or a student at a sprawling university, identification is essential. 

Yet, how many times have you fumbled through pockets or purses searching for that elusive ID card just when you needed it most? This is why attaching ID cards and lanyards is a powerful, practical statement. 

At CustomLanyard.net, we recognize the importance of this pairing, not just for convenience but as an emblem of your brand's identity. So, we’re going to teach you how to put an ID card on a lanyard to help you with identification, security, and/or networking - whatever your goals are.

You’ll discover the benefits of partnering with our brand for a custom lanyard with ID card and how the process works. That being said, let’s start by looking at the role of ID cards in the first place.

The Role of ID Cards

There are a few main use cases for ID cards, and understanding their significance will help in recognizing why lanyard attachments are so great. 

Verification of Personal Identity

Security concerns are paramount, which is where the primary role of an ID card comes in: to confirm one's identity. Be it at the office reception, airport security, or a new client meeting, flashing a valid ID card validates your presence and intention. 

An ID card serves as an immediate testament to who you say you are, lending credibility to interactions both casual and formal. It makes things simple and smooth as you go about your day.

Access Control in Businesses and Institutions

Safety and confidentiality are top priorities in modern enterprises. ID cards, especially those embedded with microchips or magnetic strips, play a pivotal role in regulating access. 

By assigning specific permissions to ID cards, businesses can ensure that only authorized individuals access sensitive areas or information. 

Schools, research institutions, and government buildings often deploy this system to maintain security protocols effectively.

Membership Proof in Clubs or Associations

Gone are the days when a simple handwritten list could manage memberships. With the boom in exclusive clubs, gyms, and professional associations, a tangible and robust method of verifying membership is indispensable. 

ID cards provide an efficient solution to this problem. 

They not only validate membership but can also be equipped with features to track attendance, usage patterns, or even payment status, giving administrators a holistic view of member activities.

Benefits for Event Management and Networking

Imagine attending a seminar or conference and spotting someone who could be a potential business collaborator or client. An ID card dangling from a lanyard becomes an instant conversation starter. 

Furthermore, ID cards streamline the registration process for event organizers, enhance security measures, and even facilitate feedback collection. 

The visible display of one's name, title, and organization, thanks to lanyards, catalyzes professional networking, ensuring you remember names and affiliations long after the event concludes.

Why Put an ID Card on a Lanyard?

Carrying around an ID card in your wallet or pocket is fine - but is it optimal? Far from it. There is no better way to use your ID card than on a lanyard. Here’s why you should learn how to use a lanyard with an ID card…

Ease of Access

You’ve probably found yourself fumbling through pockets or bags to produce an ID card at the most inopportune moment. With a lanyard, such scenarios become frustrating occurrences of the past. 

The ID card hangs gracefully around the neck so it’s instantly accessible. Whether you're swiftly passing through security checkpoints or introducing yourself at a convention, the presence of a lanyard ensures that your ID is just a glance away.

Promotion of Company Image and Branding

First impressions matter in the business world. When employees wear ID cards on lanyards - especially if those lanyards carry the company's logo or color scheme - it sends a message of unity, professionalism, and brand pride. 

A branded lanyard acts as a mobile advertisement, subtly promoting the company's image each time it's worn. It reinforces brand recall and showcases meticulous attention to detail to visitors or potential clients.

Security Enhancements

Security personnel can effortlessly identify and validate the legitimacy of individuals within a premise when ID cards are prominently displayed on lanyards. This reduces the risk of impersonation or unauthorized access. 

Moreover, many modern ID cards double up as access cards, and wearing them on a lanyard ensures they are always in proximity to access points, making entry smoother without compromising on security.

There’s no denying the fact that putting an ID card on a lanyard is the best approach - but how do you actually go about it? 

There are two options: you can learn put an ID card on a lanyard yourself or you can leverage the services of an expert like CustomLanyard.net. We’ll walk you through both methods below. 

How to Put an ID Card on a Lanyard Yourself

If you’re just looking to put a single ID card on a lanyard you can easily do so yourself. The challenge arises if you’re trying to learn how to put an ID card on a lanyard yourself for a large number of people. 

That being said, here’s how you can get the project underway - starting with choosing the right materials.  

Selecting the Right Materials

It's crucial to choose the right materials before you even begin the process. The lanyard's material should be both durable and comfortable. 

While nylon and polyester are popular choices for their resilience and affordability, woven or bamboo lanyards can offer a softer touch against the skin. 

The ID card itself, if not already provided, should be made of a sturdy plastic or PVC to withstand daily wear and tear.

Attachment Options

How you attach your ID card to the lanyard can greatly influence both its appearance and function. Here are a few common options:

  • Clips: These are versatile and easily snap onto cards with punched holes. They allow the ID to lie flat against your chest.

  • Badge Reels: Ideal for IDs that double as access cards. The reel allows the card to be extended towards a scanner without removing it from the lanyard.

  • Plastic Wallets or Holders: These not only protect the card but also offer a clear view of its front. They can be attached to the lanyard through a punched hole.

DIY Designing and Printing Tips

If you're looking to customize your ID card:

  • Design Software: Begin with user-friendly software like Canva or Adobe Spark. These platforms offer customizable ID card templates.

  • Clear Information: Ensure that essential details like name, photo, and designation are visible. Opt for a clean layout that doesn't clutter the card.

  • Quality Printing: If printing at home, use a high-quality card printer. For a more professional touch, consider getting them printed at a local print shop that offers PVC card printing.

Crafting a DIY lanyard-ID setup allows you the satisfaction of doing something on your own while providing a personal touch that can make your ID stand out. However, you probably have better things to worry about. Why not let the experts handle ID card lanyards for you?

How to Put an ID Card on a Lanyard Easily With CustomLanyard.net

You can put an ID card on a lanyard quickly and easily to save yourself time and trouble while ensuring the best possible outcome, there’s a better way: partnering with CustomLanyard.net.

We’re the #1 choice for personalized lanyards and custom wristbands. And after we have the pleasure of working together you’ll understand why.

Benefits of Partnering with Professionals

Why deal with the hassle of putting together lanyards and ID combos yourself when you could leave it to the experts? Here are some of the benefits of partnering with the pros:

  • Precision: With experts at the helm, every detail - from color matching to print quality - is executed with precision.

  • Time-Saving: While DIY might sound appealing, it often requires significant time and energy. A professional touch ensures prompt delivery without any trial and error.

  • Tailored Solutions: Whether you're a large enterprise or a small club, professionals can cater to specific needs, ensuring every lanyard and ID card resonates with your brand.

Enticing, right? But - why choose CustomLanyard.net amidst a sea of 

Why Choose CustomLanyard.net?

We bring more than a decade of experience to the table in helping companies and events reach their goals through high-quality, stress-free swag items and functional products like our lanyards. 

Whether you’re trying to raise brand awareness and make networking easier or you’re hoping to optimize your security protocols, you can count on us to help you make it happen.

You gain access to a wide variety of styles when you partner with us, too. From diverse lanyard materials to a range of attachments, there's something for use case. 

That includes custom dye sublimation lanyards, custom polyester lanyards, custom tubular lanyards, custom nylon lanyards, woven custom lanyards, and more. We also have custom ID cards, custom PVC cards, custom badge holders, acrylic badge holders, clear plastic card holders, and more.

We can help you tailor your project to perfection if you aren’t sure which styles or materials are best for you. But the real value in working with us is the simple, seamless, transparent process from start to finish. 

You can learn put an ID card on a lanyard in mere minutes and you’ll get your order fast. It just takes a few clicks and you won’t have to stress about hidden costs or unpleasant surprises along the way.

How it Works

Ready to get started? Here’s how to put an ID card on a lanyard at CustomLanyard.net

  1. Choose Your Lanyard Style: Whether it's the smooth finish of polyester, the high-definition print of sublimation, the durability of nylon, the classic appeal of woven, or the affordability of tubular, we've got you covered.

  2. Choose Your Lanyard Size: Whether you prefer the wider 1 inch, the popular 3/4 inch, or the sleek 5/8 inch, select a size that complements your design. As for length, opt anywhere from a standard 30 inches up to an extended 48 inches.

  3. Select Quantities and Colors: Catering to both large events and intimate gatherings, choose a quantity that suits your needs. And with an extensive color palette, match or contrast with your brand colors effortlessly.

  4. Customize Your Message: Add your logo, tagline, or any other artwork. Opt for extra colors to make your design pop.

  5. Pick Your Attachment Style: Whether you prefer the simplicity of a single clip or the balance of a dual clip, find an attachment that ensures your ID stays in place.

  6. Enhance Your Lanyard: Opt for a specific stitch style for added durability. Consider additional upgrades for a premium feel, integrate badge reels or keychains for versatility, and, of course, select the perfect badge holder to showcase that ID card.

You can read our more detailed guide on how to make custom lanyards in our blog. We also have tips on what to put on a lanyard, why you should use photo ID employee badges, the different types of lanyards, and how to make custom wristbands as well. At this point, though, it’s time we brought this conversation to a close.

Final Thoughts on How to Put an ID Card on a Lanyard

That concludes our guide on how to put an ID card on a lanyard. We hope you feel confident and capable in your next steps whether you take the DIY route or trust your business/event with the experts at CustomLanyard.net.

Remember that your lanyard and ID card combo is a representation of your brand, a tool for security, and a beacon for professionalism. Don't settle for the mundane - elevate your brand’s presence with a lanyard and ID card that speaks volumes

Get the process started today at CustomLanyard.net and enjoy peace of mind.