Our comprehensive guide will equip you with everything you need to find the best ID cardholders for your organization. You'll discover their benefits, learn what to look for, and understand how the top badge holder lanyard brands stack up.

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Why You Need the Best ID Badge Holder

Before we explore what separates the best badge holders from the best, we must discuss why the company you choose to use is such a critical decision.

First, how do ID cards work? ID cards offer several fantastic benefits for most organizations, including enhanced security. They also provide a professional appearance that is excellent for marketing. However, ID cards have a common drawback.

When introducing ID badges into your operations, you rely on your staff to bring their cards to work daily. If a staff member forgets their badge, you must either let them in without a badge, weakening your security, or send them back home, disrupting production for the day.

Thankfully, pairing your ID cards with the best badge holder lanyards will improve adherence and help make the transition seamless.

Ensuring Security and Protection

When businesses ask, why use photo ID employee badges in the first place, we point first to security. ID badges allow you to control access to your facilities, which is critical in any industry.

However, without the best heavy-duty badge holders, some ID cards may not be completely secure alone.

For example, ID cards can often be misplaced or stolen, especially if left inside a wallet or purse. If thieves get their hands on an ID card, they will suddenly have free reign of your facilities.

Alternatively, ID cards made of lightweight materials can often be damaged over time, especially when exposed to water or harsh conditions.

However, the best ID badge holders not only address this concern but also enhance your security measures. By choosing a secure and durable badge holder with features like a lanyard and waterproof PVC, your staff will be able to wear their ID and keep it present and safe with a lower risk of theft or loss, making them feel safe and protected.

Professional Appearance

Your company ID badge is not only a fantastic security tool but also a pivotal part of your branding!

Your employees will often carry their ID badge wherever they go, especially in industries where instant identification is necessary, like hospitals or schools. A poorly designed or flimsy card will diminish your brand’s reputation and make a poor first impression with customers, vendors, and visitors.

The best ID badge holders feature sleek designs with polished appearances that can be customized to match your branding. Investing in high-quality badges will instill confidence in your brand.

Convenience and Accessibility

Beyond security and brand reputation, another key benefit of learning how to put an ID card on a lanyard and investing in a badge holder is that it makes your staff’s life easy. The best badge holders offer accessibility features, including reels or lanyard attachments.

These features make it simple for staff to present their ID quickly, without needing to remove them from inside a wallet or bag. When combined with a lanyard, ID badges can be worn at all times to allow others to quickly verify who someone is and ensure security measures are followed.

What to Look For When Choosing the Best Heavy-Duty Badge Holder for ID Cards

Now that you know why the best badge holders are an excellent choice that makes adopting ID cards a breeze, let’s help you make the right choices while shopping. A key part of learning how to make badge holders for your organization is identifying the best available options to ensure you get all those benefits.

Of course, with so many types of badge holders available, you will need to weigh many different factors. Let’s explore everything you need to look for, including material quality, cost, customer support, and more.

Material Durability

Badge holders and ID card materials are among the most vital things to consider while shopping. You want to invest in a strong holder to withstand wear and tear.

The most common materials are leather, plastic, acrylic, and silicone. Equally important is the material sourcing from the brand you are purchasing from, so be sure to research and check reviews.

Card Compatibility

Next, consider your ID card size and features when purchasing a badge holder. Are your ID cards horizontal or vertical? Do you have badges that are incredibly thick or relatively thin? Does your card have RFID chips or other features that must be accounted for while shopping?

You will need to weigh these questions to guide you while shopping. The best badge holders offer a range of sizes and designs to accommodate different card dimensions.

Attachment Options

After nailing down material quality and sizing, you must consider how the holder will attach to clothing or a badge reel. Optimal attachment methods will provide accessibility and convenience to your staff, making it easier for them to adopt the new routine.

There are two equally viable options: badge reels and lanyards.

Badge reels can be affixed to belt loops, jackets, or bags, allowing staff to quickly scan their cards without digging into a wallet.

Alternatively, lanyards offer a hands-free experience for your staff and the bonus of standing out, acting as free marketing.

Additional Features

Premium materials, compatible sizing, and convenient attachments are critical, but can you customize ID card holders and add extra features?

You can add several neat features to elevate your badge holder to the next level. The best brands offer many customization options, including colors and the ability to add full-art brand logos, text, and more.

This allows your badge holder to serve as a mobile billboard for your brand, especially when paired with a customized lanyard or badge reel.

Ordering Process

While several brands offer badge holders, you want to ensure you shop with a company that provides a simple ordering experience. Look for simple and user-friendly features, like detailed online websites that allow you to preview and customize your badge holders.

Additionally, if you plan to add significant customization, look for companies that provide free sample proofs before you pay. This will allow you to make any tweaks and ensure your badge holder arrives precisely as expected.

Cost Considerations

While the previous factors we examined focused on quality and convenience, you also want to ensure that investing in a new set of badge holders is a budget-friendly decision.

Look for brands with transparent pricing scales featuring detailed explanations of all fees. This is especially important when adding multiple customizations.

For the best value, we encourage you to look for companies that offer volume and bulk discounts. This will reduce the cost per unit, with some of the best ID badge holders costing as little as just a few cents per employee for large organizations!

Brand Support

Finally, whether you are looking for a seamless ordering process, plenty of helpful add-ons, or competitive pricing, your experience will be significantly influenced by where you shop. Along the same lines, you want to look for a brand that provides comprehensive support throughout the process. Look for companies with detailed information across their site and a friendly and available customer support team to assist you.

One of the most reliable ways to find a supportive brand is to browse customer reviews. This will allow you to verify t a brand’s reputation for customer satisfaction.

Now that you have learned everything you need to know to find the best ID badge holders, you can begin shopping.

So, who makes custom ID cards and badge holders that tick all of the boxes on this list?

Introducing the Best Badge Holder for ID Cards in 2024

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Acrylic Badge Holder

One of our most popular options is our acrylic badge holder. This sleek design features durable acrylic that lets everyone see the ID card within, combining transparency and style.

Clear Plastic Card Holder

Our clear plastic card holder of soft PVC comes in several sizes, making it a versatile option that can adapt to nearly any type of ID card. It features a zip-lock seal and transparent design and can easily attach to a lanyard with a bulldog or lobster claw clip.

Other Badge Holder Providers to Consider

Before you go, here are a few other options to consider while shopping.


Advantus is a popular name in office supplies, and they carry a selection of badge holders. However, due to their diverse inventory, their customization options can be lacking.


SpecialistID carries a moderately sized inventory of badge holders. However, their customer support team is only available Monday through Friday, and free shipping does not begin until orders eclipse $99.


IDville is primarily known for its badge printing machines but also sells accessories, including holders. They tend to lack customization options, and their customer support is limited to weekday business hours.


Idshop offers a similar selection of badge holders and other ID accessories. However, compared to many other brands on this list, their reviews are few and far between.


4imprint is known for promotional products, but they also provide accessories like badge holders. However, because their inventory is so diverse, they lack the deeper customization options found elsewhere.

Wrapping Up Our Guide to the Best Badge Holder Lanyard in 2024

Overall, the best badge holders balance material quality, attachment options like lanyards, and unparalleled brand support. You can find all that and more at CustomLanyard.net, as our reputation for client satisfaction has led to us being trusted by major brands like Netflix, Yelp, and Microsoft.

If you enjoyed learning about the best heavy-duty badge holders of 2024, check out our blog for more helpful guides! Other articles include how to make PVC ID cards, how to print on ID cards, how much do ID cards cost, and laminated ID cards vs not laminated.

Otherwise, if you are ready to transform how your organization handles identification with the help of one of our badge holders, you have come to the right place. Whether you want our full-color badge holder complete with a custom logo or prefer the simple and sleek design of a clear plastic option, we’ve got you covered.

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