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5/8 inch
Lanyard Preview
SKU# L05
Lanyard Style Blank Nylon
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Lanyard Width

1 inch 25 mm
Standard 12 mm
3/4 inch 20 mm
5/8 inch 15 mm
1/2 inch 12 mm
3/8 inch 10 mm
1/4 inch 7 mm

Lanyard Length

Small 30 inch
Standard 36 inch
Large 42 inch
Extra Large 48 inch

Lanyard Quality

Standard Standard
Premium Premium

Printing Style

Laser Printing Laser Printing
Screen Printing Screen Printing

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Product Description

Experience the ultimate solution for secure identification with our Blank Nylon Lanyards. We design our lanyards to make event identification effortless and for security, customization, and comfort to meet all your needs.

Secure Identification Made Easy
Ensure easy identification of staff, attendees, or security personnel with our reliable and secure Blank Nylon Lanyards. Keep credentials visible and accessible, enhancing security measures and streamlining access control.

Customizable and Personalized
Personalize your identification lanyards with our blank nylon options, allowing you to add logos, text, or designs representing your brand or event. Choose from various colors and styles to match your branding or create a cohesive look among your team or attendees.

Durability and Comfort
We craft our lanyards from a premium-quality nylon material to withstand daily wear and tear, ensuring long-lasting durability. Experience comfortable wear throughout the day with their lightweight and smooth texture, making them ideal for extended use.
Experience the ultimate solution for secure identification with our Blank Nylon Lanyards. Get yours now!